Tid-Bette on ‘The Rose’

Long Beach Press Telegram
What’s Up: We forgot WHO?
By Tim Grobaty
Staff columnist

Monday, March 08, 2004 – DELETED SCENES: In Sunday’s WHO magazine, the entirety of which was given over to movies that used Long Beach locations, several titles ended up, to employ an excuse used by Hollywood, on the cutting room floor.

Happily for us, several readers have swept up after us and have called and written to point out some omissions from our, as it turns out, not overly comprehensive listing.

The most glaring miss was a divine one: Bette Midler, playing a Janis Joplinesque rock singer unable to deal with rampaging success in “The Rose,’ was filmed onstage at Veterans Stadium in 1978.

Anne Thorp recalled how “the immediate neighborhood was blanketed with invitations’ for people to show up in the stands as extras for the concert.

“People were encouraged to wear ’60s attire and the stands were packed with middle- aged ‘hippies.’ It was a really fun event and the production company paid everyone $15 for attending.’

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