Sting Shows Up To See “The Divine One” at The Walden Benefit

Sting a Divine surprise
Boston Herald
By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
Thursday, March 18, 2004

Sting stunned the swells at Don Henley’s Walden Woods Project party at the Boston Park Plaza the other night when he stopped in after his Orpheum gig to catch the end of Bette Midler’s marvy mini-concert.

“He surprised everyone when he came in,” said Project gal Kathi Anderson, who said she was more stung by the 620 fans who braved a blizzard to catch the Divine Miss M!

Before Sting swooped into the Eagle’s bash, Tinseltown tree-hugger and “Kingdom Hospital” doc Ed Begley Jr. auctioned off a plethora of must-have items like a teeny-tiny leather mini-skirt autographed by Christina Aguilera.

The pop tart’s mini, which would incite Civil Disobedience, went for a mere $2,500. Anderson estimates after all the bills are paid, the Project’s coffers will be richer by $250,000.

Apres-bash, Henley, Midler, Begley and a cast of hangers-on slogged across the snowy street to Via Matta, where they met Sting in the bar and sat down for a late-night nosh.

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