From Extra TV: Video Interview With Cast of Stepford Wives


Photo: Ms. Lisa O’Connor

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There are millions of adoring fans who think she’s already a living doll, but now Nicole Kidman is actually playing one in her new movie, “The Stepford Wives.” Kidman’s film is a remake of the creepy old classic about a group of suburban housewives whose husbands replace them with robots.

But Kidman was programmed for mischief when “Extra” met up with her and her all-star supporting cast. “I hadn’t actually seen the original,” Kidman revealed.

But that wasn’t the only secret we got from Kidman, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick, Faith Hill and Jon Lovitz. Lovitz laughingly revealed that, “I had a nude scene with Nicole, but they cut it because they said, ‘Jon, you’re so beautiful nude, no one will look at Nicole.'”

Kidman confirmed the nude scene, adding, “He’s telling the truth, we all had nude scenes. And I loved it.”

Kidman also loved to hear her costars sing. “They would always entertain us on the set,” she revealed.

With this wild cast of characters, it’ll be a suburbia full of surprises when “The Stepford Wives” opens this summer.

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