Charles Adams To Show Off Work


Photo: Cathleen Allison

Retired Hollywood photographer to display images
Nevada Appeal
Karl Horeis
March 30, 2004

A retired Hollywood photographer will show his work during a meeting of the Carson City Historical Society on Saturday.

Charles Adams, who lives off of Kings Canyon Road, worked as a set director and a still photographer in Southern California for many years. Members of the society asked him to speak after seeing his collection of antiques and photos.

“My house is not an old, historic Carson City house,” he said. “But what I have here is a lot of art objects that are old, and I’ve got memorabilia from Hollywood of people I’ve photographed.”

Peering from the walls of his home are Dean Martin, Evander Holyfield, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Sonny and Cher, Madonna, Bette Midler, Marvin Gaye, Sharon Stone, Marlon Brando, Lou Gosset Jr. and more celebrities.

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