Fun Idea: National Bette Holiday, June 11, Stepford Wives Opening!


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Mister D: I received a sweet email from some members of The Bette Midler Society (and, no, not the owner of the site!) asking me to post about an idea they had for the opening of Bette’s new movie, The Stepford Wives, which opens on June 11th, 2004….the email went something like this:

Hello I am from the Bette Midler Society and we thought that it would be fun to have a National Bette Holiday! We would all buy a pair of the ‘sunglasses’ (the blue tinted ones pictured) and make a T-shirt that said “Isn’t she Divine? You Bette She Is!” on the front and then a picture of Bette on the back. The day we are going to do this is June 11th- the opening day for The Stepford Wives!

We’re in the process of deciding on a picture, but that is a minor detail that will be solved by this Friday, hopefully. The T-shirts are going to be made by just
easy, simple iron on transfers that can be bought at a local Walgreens or
Office Max.

If anyone has any questions they can visit the Talk About Bette link at the Bette Midler Society, and there is the topic National Bette Holiday. People can catch up on what’s been said and decided or ask any questions they feel necessary!

Thank you so much everyone, Sasha

Mister D: Anyhoo…I thought this was a cute idea…so those interested in getting in on the fun, head over to this National Bette Holiday link and get in on the fun. If you participate in this in anyway, please send a pic and I’ll be glad to put it up in the Scrapbook for BetteHeads! Just have fun with it….

Love, Mister D

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