Organic Gardeners In Harlem Plant First Summer Crop

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Organic Gardeners In Harlem Plant First Summer Crop
New York Living
MAY 15TH, 2004


An East Harlem community that prides itself on being one of the most environmentally progressive in the city came out Friday for Planting Day.

Area residents planted fruits and vegetables at the Rodale Pleasant Park Garden on 115th Street and First Avenue.

The organic garden is owned by the New York Restoration Project, which was started by entertainer Bette Midler.

It also receives funding from the Rodale family, publishers of organic farming magazines.

Participants say they’re proud of their chemically-free efforts.

“This is a totally organic garden. No pesticides used in the fruit. Nothing artificial. No insecticides. It’s all grown organically,” said the vice president of the New York Restoration Project Brian Sahd.

“We harvest all this and the crop is divided among all the members, so every family gets to take a little something home: tomatoes, peppers, anything that we grow here,” said community gardener Lucia Bravo.

Residents are hoping for a harvest of more than 2-thousand pounds of produce this year.

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