Amen Sister!

‘Stepford’ women speak out: Nonconformity rules
June 4, 2004

* Bette Midler made her reputation by being a rule breaker in the entertainment world but, like her “Stepford” co-stars, agrees “it’s not fashionable anymore to be a non-conformist. … In a funny way it’s a lot like we’re back in the ’50s, where people could only dress a certain way. It’s very odd. We had a period in the ’60s where people let it all hang out, and then there was such a tremendous backlash …. and now it’s happening again. I sometimes think they want people to all be robots — just like in this movie. Maybe too much nonconformity is too terrifying for the country, but you have to think outside the box, or how else would anything ever be invented, created or discovered?”

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