Kiss My Brass On Road Again…May Play Some International Dates (Thank you Joe!!!)

Mister D: Well this is what a friend of mine and I stated a while back, except for the international probability, but it always looks better coming from the bible of the music industry, Billboard Magazine:

Billboard Magazine
June 9th, 2004
Ray Waddell, Nashville

Bette Midler will extend her Kiss My Brass tour with another run of North American arenas, reports.

Larry Magid, promoter/producer of the tour for Clear Channel Entertainment, says Midler will come back and play at least 30 North American arena dates, with the possibility of some international shows as well. North American dates will run from October to December. While the route is still being finalized, Magid says the tour will consist mostly of new markets, with some repeats.

The outing tour has proved a major winner at the box office, grossing nearly $40 million and drawing 410,848 fans from 39 dates reported to Billboard Boxscores since the outing began last December.

— Ray Waddell, Nashville

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