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Check out the new animation surrounding The Stepford Wives hoopla…included are pics leading up to the premiere, the premiere, the after-party, International Bette Day (06-11-04), stills from the movie, and of course, in an effort to amuse myself at your expense…captions that have nothing to do with anything!:-)

If you didn’t participate in International Bette Day, it’s not too late…just wear some Bette Midler garb to the movie and if you’d like, send me the pics to comemorate this brand new holiday!:-)

A multitude of people have written to get my thoughts on the movie and I do have thoughts, though some may argue that, and they will remain mine. I will be going back to the movie, however…Okay…this is what I thought…

I laughed throughout the whole thing, but I could tell there were some real gaps in the movie. I thought everybody did a fabulous job, but the 3 performances that stood out to me were Bette, Bart, and Glenn Close…her last scene was to die for….talk about scenery chewing.

If I analyze the movie too much, well, it just doesn’t hold up…logically it was a mess…the editing choppy…just like my sentence strutures. My biggest disappointment was the underutilization of Bette in the movie. I counted 2 scenes that were cut from the movie that are shown in the trailer…you can figure that out yourself…but I loved Bette in this part…I just wanted more, more, more…and I’m afraid al ot of her part was left on the editing floor due to Mr. Oz’s lack of focus…BUT, damn, I had a good time and so did the audience…

Okay…enough about me…my opinion means nothing except to me…so let’s talk about Darrell at Bette on the Boards. He has some new updates for ya:

Song Of The Week-06.12.04: Delta Dawn, June, 1975

Bette and company belt out a wonderful gospel version of “Delta Dawn” during Bette’s extraordinary “Clams On The Half Shell Revue”

Darrell and I have also begun working on a new project…okay, it’s mostly Darrell… The Staggering Harlettes! This should be a fun project for we are getting some of the actual gals to help out. They have staggered for far too long not to get honored. So be on the look-out for this!

There is a new interview in the Books and Articles section from the latest edition from The Advocate. Some will not like this interview, but I can assure you that Mister V and I will be sending Bette some pamphlets for her research! 🙂

I also put some pics people sent in for International Bette Day into the Scrapbook for Betteheads. For the link: Click Here

Hope everyone had a great weekend and may next week be your best ever!

Love, Mister D

PS: Bette is supposedly on The Early Show tomorrow, Monday, June 14th, 2004

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