Pollstar List of Top Grossing Tours (So Far) Thank you Tyson!

Mister D: I guess if Miss M kicks her tour back into gear this year, she’ll be credited and move up higher:-)

Source: Hits Magazine.

It hasn’t been a great year for touring artists, but Prince, Madonna and Celine Dion are bucking the trends as the top three money earners on this year’s Pollstar list of 2004’s Top 100 Tours at the midway point of the year. See the entire list by clicking here.

Prince’s “don’t call it a comeback” comeback tour tops the list with $45.7 million in grosses, including a “free” giveaway of his new album, Musicology, a controversial move which has kept the record high on the album chart all summer—at least according to Soundscan. Prince has sold a total of 737k tickets, with an average gross of $1.038 million per show, based on an average ticket price of $61.59.

Madonna’s Re-Invention Tour is next, selling $44.9 million worth of tickets, followed by Dion, who didn’t have to leave Las Vegas to rack up $40.8 million in sales. Madonna sold 258k total tickets at an average ticket price of $174.17 (highest in the Top 100) through June 30, while Celine moved 296k at a $137.65 average price.

The rest of the year’s Top 10 included Bette Midler ($33.7m), Rod Stewart ($32.7m), Shania Twain ($27.6m), Kenny Chesney ($27.0m), Metallica ($26.1m), Aerosmith ($25.2m) and Alan Jackson/Martina McBride ($24.9m).

At numbers 11-20 are Beyonce ($19.8m), Elton John ($19.1m), Britney Spears ($18.9m), Luis Miguel ($18.0m), George Strait ($17.4m), David Bowie ($16.4m), Kid Rock ($16.3m), Fleetwood Mac ($15.4m), Sarah Brightman ($14.9m) and Linkin Park ($14.5m).

Source: Hits Magazine.

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