Stepford Stars To Skip Land Down Under! :-(

Mister D: This article says Bette is in the middle of a US concert tour…well, we know that is not true…so I don’t know what is officially up with this…


The Sun-Herald
Stepford stars skip Sydney
By Christine Sams
July 11, 2004

Local audiences just missed out on a triple A-list promotional tour by Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler and Glenn Close after negotiations for an Australian visit broke down.

The three stars were considering a tour to Sydney to promote their film The Stepford Wives, but were unable to co-ordinate it because of scheduling problems.

Kidman was particularly keen to come home and introduce her latest film to local audiences, but she will be caught up with her new film The Interpreter, Kidman’s publicist Wendy Day said.

Filming for The Interpreter is expected to continue for the next three to four weeks the film is now slightly over-schedule so it proved impossible to plan an event around the July 15 Australian release date of The Stepford Wives.

The plan for the high-profile celebrity visit was originally conceived by executives from Greater Union (in conjunction with Day) in the hope of publicising Kidman’s film and Greater Union’s new cinema at Bondi Junction.

But despite the valiant efforts of all concerned, including executives from United International Pictures, it didn’t work out. The UIP representatives were reportedly not willing to shift the release date of the film in the hope Kidman might be able to attend an event at a later date.

Day also said Bette Midler was in the middle of a concert tour in the US, so her involvement would have been limited. Glenn Close was eager to visit but juggling three high-profile celebrity schedules simply proved too difficult.

Despite the fact that its stars won’t be here to promote it, The Stepford Wives opens nationally on Thursday.

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