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The Stepford Wives Hit Ole Europe! (Thank you Prince!)

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Mister D: No, I don’t think it’s that Prince, the Purple One 🙂 This news comes to us via Switzerland from a dedicated BetteHead and BLB reader…I thought this was a great summary and very much appreciate the 411….(did I get the lingo right?:-))

Photo: Thank you BlueRose

I’m writing from Switzerland and I wanna give you some information about the reception here in old Europe. First of all: Spiderman 2 and Shrek 2 started just
a couple of weeks ago, and they dominate the box-office. At the moment there’s no chance another movie can outgross them, so the best possible position is number 3 for most of the European markets.

In Italy, where Shrek and Spiderman are not released yet, the Stepford Wives made it to number 2, where they still are for the second week.

In Poland the Wives are as well on number 2 and almost made the number 1 spot (which has been Spiderman 2 for the last few weeks).

In Germany they arrived at number 3, just as in Switzerland, where they came in third as well.

France is dominated by French films along with Shrek and Spidy, but Stepford settled on number 6, while “50 first dates” opened 10th a week ago.

The figures are ok, but summer is slow business here, with only two or three movies really making money. People don’t go the the movie-theatres as long as the weather is hot and beautiful.

Criticics in Switzerland and Germany were lukewarm: at least the focused on the movie and didn’t go into the negative buzz which surrounded the US-release. They pretty much all say that the movie’s jokes are quite lame, and that the movie is typical for America in the way that they wanna make a critical statement about perfection and then try to make the “perfect” movie by
test-screening and editing it to death.

They all agree that the comedy is not as dark as it should be and that it’s not working as a satire. Europe’s biggest movie-journal, Cinema, gave it two out of four stars, saying about the following (I’ll translate from German):

The jokes are tired and mostly they don’t work, at least they don’t work in all the scenes without Bette Midler. Nicole Kidman may find the right combination
of curiosity and feminism, however: a great comedienne she is not.

The rest of the cast is a cliche?. However, the very convincing and surprising ending, in which the role-playing of the sexes finally gets examined and
the motivations are investigated, makes up for a lot of the movie’s missing sharpness . All in all it’s neither sharp nor dark, nor satirical enough.

All the best from Switzerland!

See….I told you it was a great summation of what was going on over there. Over Here, Over There…thank you Prince!

Love, Mister D

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