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RUSH: So over the weekend, I forget what it was, but all the libs out there were all upset that people were “challenging Kerry’s patriotism.” Remember that? I can’t remember what the story was, but Kerry — oh, it was Thursday night after the convention, and Kerry — who looks like he’s had another face touchup; did you see that speech in Cincinnati today? I mean, it didn’t help. I thought the guy looked like a loser and, by the way, this is not a partisan comment. It really, really isn’t. I’m watching this, and I know that he got some spirited applause, and he’s talking about Iraq. He’s losing when he talks about Iraq, and the Clinton people, get this, the Clinton people have told him, no, you can talk about Iraq. You can nuance this; you’ve said enough things. It’s amazing. This is a hostile takeover, folks, of the Kerry campaign by the Clintons, and everybody knows it. ABC’s The Note; the Washington Post. The media is wringing their hands here. This is sick, by the way.

This is All Ghoul’s Day. We hit that 1,000 soldier dead mark in Iraq, and the front page headline in New York Daily News, the media is running with this. I’ve never seen anything more ghoulish, and I predicted this before it happened. I told you it was going to happen and, lo and behold, it has happened. Now they’re actually somewhat celebrating for their own partisan purposes the 1,000th death of an American soldier in Iraq. It’s just ghoulish. Meanwhile, the Russians are saying, “All right, to heck with this! We’re going to attack terrorists wherever we find them around the world.” Welcome to the club, Vlad! And they’re now dealing with the Israelis to get up to speed on the latest techniques. All that coming up. On Thursday night when Kerry was down there in Ohio (or over there in Ohio since I’m in New York), over there in Ohio and he was going on whining about how his service in Vietnam is being attacked and so forth, all these libs — and he actually said that his “patriotism” was being “challenged.”

All these libs out there picked up, I guess, the ball and ran with it. So all over the weekend the libs are all upset. Once again, if you’re just joining us: all you have to do is say, “You’re against the war in Iraq,” and they think that their patriotism is being challenged. Nobody has ever challenged Kerry’s patriotism. Zell Miller didn’t. That’s what it was, they were all upset about Zell Miller. That’s as the memory comes back to me. They’re all upset by Zell Miller’s speech. (Speech: text | video) He specifically said he wasn’t “challenging Kerry’s patriotism,” but everybody on the left said, “Ah, there they go again, challenging our patriotism and our Americanism,” and of course that’s why they always are running around complaining that the flag doesn’t belong just to me [Rush Limbaugh]. So, anyway, nobody’s challenged Kerry’s patriotism, not here and not at the Republican convention and not at the Bush campaign. But I want you to listen to something that happened on CNN last night on Anderson Cooper’s show, the formidable Bette Midler, well known political analyst, was a guest and had this to say.

MIDLER: I do. I talk about Rush.

COOPER: You listen to Rush Limbaugh?

MIDLER: I can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh. He makes you tear your hair out. He’s not even American.

COOPER: (Laughing) He’s not American?

MIDLER: It’s so un-American to behave that way. I just think it’s un-American–

COOPER: Uh-huh.

MIDLER: There’s a level below which you cannot sink, and he’s just sunk. I’m sorry.

COOPER: (Laughing)

RUSH: That’s another testimonial from someone who doesn’t listen to this program. But who is it that challenges other people’s patriotism? Here you have Bette Midler all over me as “un-American.” They actually say it; we don’t. They accuse us of accusing them of being unpatriotic or un-American, and they’re the ones that actually go out and say it. I thought it was just cool. Also, my friends, other fireworks out there. Well, you know, when well-noted, well-known political analysts like Bette Midler, — Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy from Company B babe — when they’re out there challenging your Americanism, you have to take that seriously, folks. (Laughing)

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