What Happened? Finally, Baltimore Reviews From The Fans!

Anybody wanting to have a little more insight into KMB’s effect in Baltimore need only go to the reviews section to get an idea. We have a BetteHead who has been to several shows and going to more and new reader to BLB, but an avid Bette Midler fan, who saw KMB for the first time. And it’s interesting to see the contrast. One is somewhat critical of Bette and the audience…one just critical of the audience. Those of us who see the show more often are able to compare and contrast performances and audiences and maybe sometimes we get disappointed in certain things….however, someone who has not seen the show, obviously comes in fresh with no real preconceptions to draw upon. What each comes away with is real for them and should be respected….

Okay that was kind of wordy…I’d just like to thank both ladies for writing in and giving a very personal view of what they witnessed. Eileen’s excitement is very much reflected in her review, and I have to commend Dana for being honest with her feelings and being comfortable enough to express them…with that I’ll just shut up!!! 🙂

But as a special treat, I put up about 3 pics in the Baltimore section that BaltoBoy Steve sent in from the show…I have more that will be added to the Scrapbook 4 Betteheads tomorrow night hopefully…he vastly underrated the pics he sent…I was blown away becuase they seem close to me and are different angles of the show than we have seen before…

BTW…hope everyone watched the debates tonight…those that went to see Bette tonight at Radio City Music Hall, borrow a tape and do some close viewing and listening….then turn off all the little spinmeisters that come on and…well…”spin”. Get on the computer and research what each candidate said…and YOU decide…personally I think the answer is so clear because I’m a bona fide liberal and proud of it…but I do like a candidate that can answer a question. That’s a good start for me…okay, that’s enough politics…sorry…

(And, of course, my views do not necessarily reflect those of Ms. Midler, but I suspect…!) 🙂

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