Tid-Bettes Before I Blow Out of This Town!

Photo Scan: Darrell Redmond


If you’d like to send Bette an email through me for Hulaween, write me an email on how Bette has inspired you to do something positive with your life or how her art makes you feel.

Try to keep it within 500 words or less. You can contact me at: websmaster@bootlegbetty.com
Deadline: Friday, October, 22, 2004 at 5:00 pm central and no later…
I leave this Saturday, so I have to print everything out…

Terri’s sites ETD.com, kmb.com, and dearbette.com are all back up and ready to go. Way to go Terri…good recovery!!!

Make sure to check out BathHouse Lisa’s Divine Charm Bracelets 4 A Divine Cause….there’s a link at the top of the page in the red box…click on it, scroll down, and read how you can get a Divine charm bracelet and contribute to NYRP…

In the same red box, check out all these Bette products:

Order “Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook” Today
Order Bette Midler/Rod Stewart Duet Today
Pre-Order “The Stepford Wives” On DVD
Pre-Order “Jinxed” On DVD


Zack wanted to let you all know that ” Ticketmaster and the Palace of Auburn Hills are now offering $15 seats to “Kiss My Brass!” on November 5th. The sections are 201 and 215. They are EXCELLENT seats for $15. Enjoy! “

Everybody check your own areas…I hear this is happening or has happened in other cities. This is a good way for those who’ve never experienced The DIVINE or theatre to get a little education in the arts….

Thanks Zack!!!

Love, Mister D

P.S. Even though I’ll be in NY for 6 days, I’ll be in touch with you guys the best I can and will continue to enjoy doing that!

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