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An Optimistic Look From “The Hollywood Reporter”
October, 22, 2004

Paramount’s “The Stepford Wives” comes out in DVD Nov. 9. “Stepford” may not be one of the films people are talking about as a best picture nominee, but it’s got a cast of top names like Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, Glenn Close and Christopher Walken and any of them could wind up with an acting nomination. The advantage “Stepford” has is that awards voters will be able to take a look — or, perhaps, a second look — at its performances and evaluate them. For someone who may have missed the film when it came out last summer and isn’t about to give up an evening to see it at a screening because there are so many new films opening that are competing to be seen, having a commercial DVD available is a very convenient way to check out “Stepford.”

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