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(“I may be partisan, but I’m sexy @ 49!” 🙂 )

I know everybody is tense now about the election and maybe things are being said on both sides that could be considered vile. I’m not really comfortable writing about politics because frankly I never was much into it until these past few years. So I may not be eloquent, but I hope you all can try to filter out what I’m trying to say…

It’s no secret that I endorse Kerry and it can easily be said that Ms. Midler does too. But I can’t speak for her. I would like to say that I don’t want to alienate my republican friends and I have many…hey, it’s Tennessee-what do you expect? Do I have a choice?:-) But I really don’t view this administration to be conservative in the old sense of the word…they are so far to the right that even conservatives are jumping ship. There are unspeakable, historical deficits, unlimited spending, and the increasined melding of religion and politics that I think is hurting America and putting us in much more danger than we have ever been…

This administration has failed on every level from domestic to international policies, and has lead us into a war that should never have been. The list just goes on and on….we have lost our standing in the world, increased the likelihood of terrorism thru this administration’s deep misunderstanding of other cultures.

We need someone who analyzes information and retreives information from those that are experts. This administration has shown that they only would act on information only if it fits their preconceived notions of what is right to them at the expense of many educated minds telling them they were wrong. Sometimes to make a good decision it really does take a village…

We are in a deep quagmire here and no one has shown any accountability, remorse, or responsibilty for any wrong actions. The president answers to us and he is the one that has shown contempt.

Yes, the office of the presidency is to be honored and respected…but the man in the office must be judged by his actions. Honor and respect is not a given…this is earned. This president and his administration have failed to honor the office thru their actions…secretive, arrogant, dismissive of others opinions, divisive, negligent of education, human rights, the environment…the list goes on and on…

Whether this president was democratic or republican…let’s throw in independent….the record is dismal and that’s why this president needs to be relegated to one term…

I do want to add that I think the media has been a huge failure at reporting objectively and has given this administration a free ride. In order to really see what’s going on one really has to do a lot of research and reading….and this is just not possible for some who are burning their candles at both ends. So big media needs to wake up and start holding all government accountable no matter who is in office…

I think it’s important to keep a dialogue going and name-calling gets one nowhere….it’s hard not to do when you’re talking about pundits who spin on both sides…after awhile it just confuses everybody and you end up just cheering who thinks most like you…that’s not a way to learn…unless you want to learn to SCREAM!!!

Anyway, tomorrow and the next few days will be tense, but I hope, at least the Bette fans, that we can all get along and show Bette that we are humanists and can work together to make the world a better place. We need to bring back civility….learning to say please, thank you, and I’m sorry…that’s a good start.

Love, Mister D

PS: Now go out and vote!!!! (FOR KERRY…LOL)

Here’s a couple of songs to get us through all this:

Bette Midler: The National Anthem

Bette Midler: Laughing Matters

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