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Originally published in Current, Nov. 1, 2004
Compiled by Geneva Collins and the staff of Current

What’s in the works for public TV? This list of more than 200 PTV projects, based on Current’s annual Pipeline survey, describes projects in various stages of pipedream, conception, preproduction, scripting, shooting and editing for January 2005 and beyond. We include only new, noninstructional projects one hour or longer. (Our July 5 issue listed classroom programs offered at public TV’s annual eMedia screening.)

All project listings below are based on producers’ responses to our survey this fall. Funders such as ITVS and the national minority consortia submitted information on behalf of some independent producers, as did some presenting stations. Thanks to all who responded to the survey.

Unless otherwise indicated, producers intend to distribute their programs through PBS or have not completed broadcast deals. To save space, the three largest producing stations—WGBH in Boston, WNET in New York, and WETA in Washington, D.C., are not identified by city—but all other stations are. Working titles are indicated by “w.t.” Please direct inquiries to the contact people listed with each title.

Acronyms used in this list:
APT: American Public Television, Boston
ITVS: Independent Television Service, San Francisco
NBPC: National Black Programming Consortium
NAPT: Native American Public Telecommunications
NEA: National Endowment for the Arts
NEH: National Endowment for the Humanities
NETA: National Educational Telecommunications Association, Columbia, S.C.

Chisholm ’72: Unbought and Unbossed

Producing organization: REALside Productions. A co-presentation of P.O.V., ITVS and NBPC. Episodes: 1 x 60. Status: postproduction. Budget: $622,000. Major funders: ITVS, CPB, NBPC, New York State Council on the Arts, Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media, Lucia Woods Lindley, Rubin Foundation, Vinmont Foundation, Camille & William Cosby, Bette Midler, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry. Executive producer: Ramon Hervey. Director/producer: Shola Lynch. Producer: Phil Bertelsen. Editor: Sam Pollard. Director of photography: Sandi Sissel. Consulting producer: Orlando Bagwell.

The first historical documentary on Brooklyn Rep. Shirley Chisholm and her 1972 campaign to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

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