Doctor’s Orders

Hey guys and gals…chronic sinusitus, untreated hernia (don’t ask), a debilitating election (at least it was to me), and an assortment of other unmentionables…well it’s forcing me to take a computer break for a few days. Or else I will go insane!!!!

If you email I won’t be getting back to you until well in the weekend…so you may want to wait to write. Those of you who go to the shows and want to send a review in, please do…I’ll get them up by Sunday….

In the meantime, hope everyone has gone out and gotten their copy of The Stepford Wives….after seeing the deleted scenes I really would like to have seen the director’s first cut before the focus groups got a hold of it…they must have flushed millions of dollars down the drain by deleting the f/x heavy Bette scene….I loved it…

Thanks for all your support ladies and germs….Mister D just needs some rest so he can capture the Divine part of his name back…see you in a few days….

Love, Mister D

PS: BTW…My doc is Doctor Darrell…so if you’re pissed about my little vaykay…you know where to find him 🙂

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