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Singer is a classic
Omaha Herald
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Like Julie Matya (Nov. 18 Pulse), I attended the Bette Midler concert held at the Qwest Center recently.

Perhaps Ms. Matya was one of the two highly polished matrons seated behind me who booed and hissed Bette (blasphemy!) when she took a couple of shots at the president and Rush Limbaugh. And, yes, the Divine Miss M used some naughty words. (Gasp!)

I am curious as to what type of concert they thought they were attending when they bought tickets to Bette’s “Kiss My Brass” tour?

Crass? Not quite. Sassy, brassy, bawdy and naughty, Bette is a classic. And she sings pretty dang well, too.

Karla Mullen Laughlin, Omaha

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