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With The “Kiss My Brass” tour coming to an end soon and Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d give all you BetteHeads and BLB readers a heads up on a new CD by Bette’s Brass, from The Royal Crown Revue, that’s coming out nationally January 4th 2005. However, a little secret is, you can buy it now if you go thru their website….so why wait. This CD, Greeting From Hollywood, is a 10 year retrospective of new and unreleased material. Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

About the Artist
Often imitated, but rarely matched, RCR has pioneered, over its fifteen-year career, a totally unique sound and style, serving as the blueprint for an entire generation of musicians and music lovers. This band was and is the spearheading force behind the “retro style” which has exploded from underground scene into bona fide cultural phenomenon. The biggest news of 2004 is the release of their brand new CD, Greetings From Hollywood. It’s a ten-year retrospective (1994-2004), which brings together 15 tracks of previously unreleased material, both old and new. The track listing includes five tunes from the long sought-after 1994 demo, Hollywood Tales (now fully remastered), as well as a slew of new material recorded in the summer of 2003, including their killer rendition of “Viva Las Vegas.”

Album Description
Greetings From Hollywood also features exclusive enhanced content, viewable in any CDROM drive. You’ll be able to read the stories behind the songs, see exclusive photos from the band’s vaults, and watch the rarely seen music video for “Watts Local!” The CD “booklet” actually folds out into a six-panel, two sided, full color poster! As of right now, RCR.COM is the only place you can purchase this CD. To do so, please visit the “Music” page.”

The Royal Crown Revue personnel are:

Eddie Nichols (vocals)
Mando Dorame (tenor sax) (KMB tour)
Jim Jedeikin (bari/alto sax) (KMB tour)
Scott Steen (trumpet) (KMB tour)
Mark Cally (guitar)
Dave Miller (bass)
Daniel Glass (drums)

Check out their site: Royal Crown Revue To buy CD’s, click on the Music tab

Tidbette: Their CD, Mugzy’s Move, has 2 songs on it that inpsired 2 numbers in Bette’s KMB show: Hey Pachuco! (“Kiss My Brass/Hey Bette Midler!”) and Walkin’ Blues (“Walk Right In, Walk Right Out”)

To Buy CD’s From Amazon:

Royal Crown Revue: Greetings From Hollywood

Royal Crown Revue: Mugzy’s Move

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