I’m Still On Hiatus, But!!!!….Bette Bytes

I thought I’d jump in one more time and wish everyone Merry Christmas or whatever you are celebrating….the main thing to me is to celebrate goodwill to all mankind, especially during these chaotic times. Thanks to those who sent me emails and snail mail with Christmas wishes and “thank yous”….I haven’t had time to get back with everybody and am afraid some of you might fall through the cracks…just know it’s not because I don’t care….it’s just the busy, busy, business of the season.

My parents are coming up to Nashville for their first Christmas here…I feel the pressure already!!!! 🙂

Anyway….while I’m on here blathering like an idiot….here are a few Bette bytes (computer reference for those who don’t get it!) Anywho….some have written and couldn’t find the new music I put up…so here is the direct link: Click Here! I feel a tad guilty about it, but I know some people who are selling it…so hopefully this will put a little crimp in their profit venture. Get it while you can because it will go down January 2, 2005….

Also, I’m getting some feedback through trains, boats, planes, the internet, and more about Bette’s Australian gig. The chances are looking divinely good…according to those who’ve written and the things I have read between the lines…look for this to happen, if it does, in late March thru April. I have no clue about any other dates…like the UK and Europe…I really hope this happens for you gus and gals…you’ve waited long enough and now is the prime time to do it…this show is fabulous!

Pollstar came up with their own Top 25 concerts of the year….for North America:

2004 Pollstar Top 25 Tours of North America

Top 25 tours of North America for 2004, according to concert industry trade publication Pollstar.

1. Prince, $87.4 million.

2. Celine Dion, $80.4 million.

3. Madonna, $79.5 million.

4. Metallica, $60.5 million.

5. Bette Midler, $59.4 million.

6. Van Halen, $54.3 million.

7. Kenny Chesney, $50.8 million.

8. Sting, $50.1 million.

9. Toby Keith, $43.7 million.

10. Elton John, 43.3 million.

11. Rod Stewart, $42.5 million.

12. Dave Matthews Band, $41.2 million.

13. Tim McGraw, $40.1 million.

14. Jimmy Buffett, $34.6 million.

15. Shania Twain, $34.5 million.

16. Alan Jackson/Martina McBride, $34 million.

17. Cher, $29.1 million.

18. Usher, $29.1 million.

19. Eric Clapton, $29 million.

20. Josh Groban, $28 million.

21. Aerosmith, $25.6 million.

22. George Strait, $24.8 million.

23. Phil Collins, $23.8 million.

24. Kid Rock, $23.7 million.

25. John Mayer, $23.6 million.

I think that’s about all I have to say….everyone just be kind to one another, be safe, and remember to send your best wishes to the troops and their safe return….whenever that will be….I’ll see you all in 2005!!!!

Love, Mister D

PS: Oh and this from Sara, one of the The Divine Dutchies (from The Netherlands!)

Hey Don,

The Dutch Radio 2 top 2000 best songs ever list is out… Bette (and her
fans!) did good:
36: The Rose (last year on 44)
547: Beast of Burden (last year on 751)
756: From a distance (last year on 847)

The belgian radio station Radio Donna won’t publish her list of 2004 best
songs until tomorrow…


PSS: Also remember to cast your votes for Bette and/or BLB at LiveDaily.com. If you haven’t voted yet, then: CLICK HERE! or HERE

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