Seems Like “In The Pink” WILL BE In Our Eyes More and More!
Deep Inside Hollywood: Cher and Bette are “In the Pink”
Romeo San Vicente

If any movie sounds like it’s following a “how-to” guide for making something a whole lot of gay men will line up to see, it’s “In the Pink.”

Exhibit A: It’s about door-to-door cosmetics sales. Tim Allen plays a misogynistic corporate exec who, after getting downsized, finds himself selling a line of Mary Kay-style makeup alongside a group of women. His colleagues? Only Cher, Bette Midler, Britney Spears and Wanda Sykes (exhibits B, C, D and E, respectively).

It’s a comedy, naturally — by screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (“The Full Monty”), who’s also directing — in which the woman-hater learns to truly understand his female customers so he can sell them more beauty products.

Of course, Tim Allen pimping lip-liner may or may not be what most women want, but it could still make for some laughs. And Romeo’s been waiting to see Cher’s latest face up on the big screen, so bring it on.

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