Australia Still Loves Bette: Sydney Sold Out!

Bette Midler Sells Out In Sydney
Bette Midler from Kiss My Brass
by Paul Cashmere
27 January 2005

Photo: Ken Mazur

Tickets for Bette Midler’s Sydney show sold out quicker than you could say “no tits and a tight box”. The Divine Miss M has now announced a second for Sydney on Friday 15 April.

The demand for the Midler tickets is not surprising. Bette first (and last) toured Australia in 1979 and sold out 34 shows.

Tickets for the first Sydney show were snapped up before lunch-time. Melbourne has nearly also completely sold-out.

Bette Midler will be bringing her Kiss My Brass tour to Australia. It was the 6th biggest tour in the USA in 2004.

The show features her greatest hits so expect ‘The Rose’, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Do You Wanna Dance’ but also the irreverent The Sophie Tucker jokes.

Sophie Tucker was a bawdy vaudeville entertainer from the 1920’s and 30’s.

Her gags include “I was in the woods last night with my boyfriend Ernie. He said to me “Soph, these woods sure are dark, I sure wish I had a flashlight.” I said to him, “So do I Ernie. You’ve been munching grass for the last ten minutes!”

Another classic now aligned with Bette Midler is “I was in bed last night with my boyfriend Ernie and he said to me, “Soph, you got no tits and a tight box.” I said to him, “Ernie. Get off my back!”

The second show for April 15 is on sale now. A second Melbourne show announcement is expected tomorrow.

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