All This Confuses Me!!!

This comes from Bette’s “Official” Site. but the main date is wrong for Melbourne…should be the 18th. Can someone get it together at Sony….????

If you’re going to have an “official” site, then please give Ms. M the respect she deserves or else I’ll tell your parent company….who owns Sony anyway??? I can’t keep up with all these mergers!!! 🙂 And what about Perth???? Or western Australia???

Australian Dates are as follows:

April 8 – Brisbane, Australia

April 10 – Brisbane, Australia

April 13 – Sydney, Australia

April 15 – Sydney, Australia

April 19 – Melbourne, Australia

April 21 – Melbourne, Australia

April 23 – Melbourne, Australia

April 26 – Sydney, Australia

April 29 – Sydney, Australia

May 3 – Melbourne, Australia

All dates are subject to change.

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