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Mister D: Our lovely Aussie correspondent, Alisha C. has some Bette news for us and was also kind enough to send along an interview from the Australian mag, WHO. Many thanks to Alisha and we both hope you enjoy…and now, here’s Alisha:

Over here on a radio station called GOLD FM (there are different stations numbers for each state like GOLD 104.3 fm for Victoria) they have started giving free Bette Midler tickets away hourly on the weekend if you are like the 1st or 10th caller to get through.

As far as I know the platinum and silver seating for Bette’s concerts over here are all sold already which is a lot better than Cher and Rod Stewart have managed (lol)

I will keep my eye out for any more TV appearances that she may do (my bet is that she will appear on a show over here called ROVE LIVE! which is a similar format to Letterman or Leno and Cher was on Rove late last year promoting her tour so we’ll wait and see I suppose.

Love, Alisha

Mister D: The following is the interview Alisha sent that was taken from the Australian Magazine, WHO:

WHO Magazine (Australia)
Feb 2005
by Deb Webster

Twenty-six years after she toured Australia as The Divine Miss M, singer-actress Bette Midler, 59, is coming back to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in April with a 14-piece band and a ton of sass for her Kiss My Brass tour. She lights up with Di Webster.

I’m not sure I should even be talking to you.


I know it’s been 15 years or so, but I hold you personally responsible for the heaving, howling, ebarrassing, snotty mess I was at the end of Beaches.

Ohhhh, it’s OK, you’ve recovered. I’ve certainly recovered. That was a terrific picture. People still come up and say it was one of their favourites.

You haven’t performed here for 26 years. What’s your most powerful memory of Australia 1979?

I have to say the light. Very harsh on human beings, but so celestial. It’s really extraordinary. The sky was so high. It was the highest sky I’ve ever seen. I love weather and I love clouds, and I love light and what light does to the landscape.

It’s particularly vivid in Western Australia, but I don’t think you’re going there.

You know, I asked if I could go, but they said they didn’t think I could.

They’re so mean!

Oh, you have no idea. I really would like to go back there because that, really, was fabulous. Perth was just like 1949 or 1950 and I thought, “Oh, I could live here. I could be so happy here.”

I think our own Dame Edna was a simple housewife in those days.

[Laughs] She’s come a long way. She’s here in town (New York) and I’m desperate, desperate, to go and wave some glads in her face. I’m going to go. I’m definitely on the way. You said 10 years or so ago that when it stops being fun you’ll throw in the towel.

Are you still having a good time?

You know, onstage 1 actually do have a good time-though I must say the travelling is much harder and the work is much harder, but the singing itself is easier and more fun. The band is better and the music is better.

It must beat working in a pineapple factory…

Actually, no. Nothing beats working in a pineapple factory. That was one of the happiest jobs I ever had, along with go-go dancing. There’s something to be said about going in and flipping some pineapples and collecting your cheque; washing your hands when the day is over, then being free to pursue your other interests.

What was your first job exactly?

I was a canner. I picked up slices of pineapple and I sorted them into excellent, good, not-so-good, terrible, waste and wouldn’t-be-caught-f–king-dead. I sorted them and I sang at the top of my lungs. I think that’s why my lungs are made of leather because I used to sing and nobody could hear anybody. It was great fun.

There’s a nod in your show to short-lived celeb marriages. Ever think you’d see Brad and Jen there?

Oh, my God, don’t say it! That’s true, I have to put them in there. Shocking. I forgot about them. Thank you for reminding me. They didn’t say for sure, for sure, did they?


Well, I don’t know why they did that. I don’t think either one of them could do better than each other. But what the world sees is just an illusion. The reality must be quite different and maybe it’s quite stressful. Who the hell knows? I feel really badly for them. It’s too damn bad.

You celebrated your 20th wedding anniversary last year. What are you doing right?

I think I’m keeping my mouth shut and staying out of the line of fire.

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