I’ll Be Just Another Yellow Beach Umbrella

I don’t want to belabour the point, but I need to take some time off. With the loss of Chaka, and among many other things happening, I just need some “alone” time. I don’t know how much time or how long…I’ll figure that out I guess on my own.

I very much appreciate the kind and supportive emails I’ve received. It means a lot and it’s great to know how many pet lovers are out there.

In the meantime, I don’t want to rain on the Aussie KMB Parade. I’ll at least put up reviews in the reviews section and whatever any one sends me. It might not be up right away, but it will get there.

Here’s a quick link to the main page:

KMB Down Under Info and Reviews

Other than that…I’ll divert you to Terri’s page for all the latest news…she has a great place to commune with other BetteHeads, too:

Experience The Divine

And don’t any of you dare not check out Darrell’s monumental site devoted to the Divine from the beginning of her career to the mid-eighties. You can get lost for hours on there:

Bette On The Boards

I’d like to also refer you to Brian’s site where you can find all the lyrics you could ever need dealing with Bette…he may even make note of every breath she takes…very concise. He also has a good place to commune with other Bette fans, The Bette Midler Society. Check it out:


And last, but not least, please check out CC’s Delve Into The Divine site. It’s also got a great overview of Ms. Midler’s career from the beginning to the present. Something of particular interest to all Bette fans are the plethora of Sophie jokes she has accumulated. Check it out:

Delve Into The Divine

I can’t promise if you write, I’ll be able to respond…so if you have any questions, try one of the community groups on Yahoo or at Brian or Terri’s sites…there’s tons of them. The answers are out there, you just might have to look for them a little harder…

Thanks for everything. I’ll see ya when I see ya.

As always…

Love, Mister D

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