Bette’s Stylists: Robert Ramos and Kim Brakeley

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Stylists are the wind beneath her wigs

KNOWN as the glam squad, Robert Ramos and Kim Brakeley reckon they have one of the best jobs in the world – as stylists to the stars.

Now in Adelaide for the stage show Kiss My Brass, the Los Angeles-based pair style the show’s diva, Bette Midler.
Apparently, Adelaide is competent in the world of fashion.

“Everybody has their own style out here and is a little bit different, which is good to see,” Robert says.

His own sense of style helped Robert make a name for himself (and more than a few celebs along the way) – it was his decision to turn Hollywood star Britney Murphy into a blonde.

“People noticed her more and she has just taken off since then,” he says.

“It gave her more of an identity.”

He did the same for Bette Midler when he first did her hair 16 years ago, changing it from red curls to a more modern blonde colour.

“She was doing a lot of press at the time and it got me noticed,” Robert says.

Not bad for a small-town U.S. lad who moved to LA to chase his dreams.

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