Sorry, But I Find This To Be Disgusting!

Mister D: Of course, Bette has nothing to do with this since she didn’t write the song, but it just peeves me when a song as personal and intimate as this one is co-opted by a corporation for a commercial…especially a frigging bank commercial. When we hear this song now, will we be thinking of a credit card? Yuck!

JP Morgan Hopes Ad Campaign Will Forge Bond With Viewers

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–When banks elicit a strong emotional response from their customers, it’s usually not a positive one.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is hoping to change that. The New York company is launching a national advertising campaign that tugs on television viewers’ heartstrings in the hopes of forging an emotional bond between them and the company’s Chase brand.

In one of the three 60-second TV ads that J.P. Morgan unveiled Monday, a proud father watches his daughter prepare for her wedding. Set to a version of Bette Midler’s 1979 hit “Wind Beneath My Wings,” the ad mixes scenes from the daughter’s childhood with images of a Chase credit card and the father talking with a Chase banker about his daughter’s future.

“Be prepared for life’s most important moments,” concludes the ad, which J.P. Morgan officials described last month as a “tear jerker.” “Chase gives you everything you need to be the hero.”

Mister D: Chase also gives you everything to become a bankrupt motherf**ker, too. How bout you little girls get a new dream so you don’t bankrupt daddy in the first place. Seems like marriages these days have a shelf life of a Fox TV sitcom or the sound longevity of a flea fart in a hurricane (okay that makes no sense, but it’s crude enough to express my contempt) …take your pick. Dang, I hate commercials!!!

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