For The Pennsylvanians: PA’s Growing Greener Bond!

Please Vote “YES”
PA’s Growing Greener Bond!

When you go to vote on May 17, this bond needs your attention! Please vote “yes” PA’s Growing Greener Bond!

This is important for the future of our children and their children…(and for us, now!)

It could mean $625 million for open space, parks, recreation, farmland protection, and pollution control in our streams and rivers.

Spread the word to your family, friends and co-workers to vote YES on May 17th.

The vote on this referendum needs to be not just positive, but overwhelmingly positive. The better the numbers, the more attention the General Assembly will pay to implement the funding in an efficient, effective way. And Southeast PA holds the key to success.

Illustration: Sammy Miro


*Clean up rivers and streams that are affected by runoff from abandoned
mines and other pollution, restoring these waters to full use for our
communities and our businesses, as well as anglers and boaters.

*Protect working farms and preserve natural areas and open spaces while
making improvements to our state parks and fish and game properties.

*Direct funds to revitalize Pennsylvania’s towns by investing in
communities, especially through park and riverfront restoration,
preserving historic properties, housing and mixed-use development and
offering incentives to promote “smart growth” planning.

*Support investments in energy production to promote diversification,
including funding for wind farms, solar cells and alternative fuels.

* * * * and a little bit about PHILADELPHIA’S CIY BUDGET * * * * *

Write letters to Mayor Street and City Council Members!

City Council budget hearings are over and now City Council and the Mayor will work to finalize the budget. If you haven’t yet written a letter, now is the time!

Go to to write a quick letter that will be faxed to the Mayor and City Council members.


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Mister D: Just to clarify…the above message is not from Bette Midler, but I think it would be safe to say that she would support this effort. Think NYRP!

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