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Bette and Bruce Springsteen

Photo: Thanks for the photo, Tom Miro!

Darrell from Bette On The Boards has completely exhausted himself digging up some old articles and interviews to post on his site for your reading pleasure. Remember reading is becoming extinct under this administration…so everybody bone up on these skills now!!! (Is that an expression? Sounds nasty!) Anyway, in one article, Bette said she felt Bruce Springteen was her competition…seems our girl likes to take on the big boys! Good for her and her moxy!

Anyway, here are the resources for the articles:

Filmmakers – November 1979
Back Stage Pass: September 28, 1983
Film Review: March 1980
Movie 80: 1980
New Musical Express: February 17, 1981
TV Times – July 16, 1983
People: November 14, 1983

To get to Darrell’s Magazine Archive: Click Here And Enjoy Every Word!

Bette Midler, voted number one in the 1010 WINS Top 40 Newsmakers Survey, Arts and Entertainment Dvision.

Looks as if all you BetteHeads pulled together as a community (Thank GOD!!! we all can agree on some things!!!) and voted Ms. Midler as 1010 Wins Number One New York Arts and Entertainment Newsmaker! Way to go ladies and germs!

Here are the Top 10 New York Arts and Entertainment newsmakers as voted by the 1010 WINS listening audience:

1 Bette Midler
2 Frank Sinatra
3 Regis Philbin
4 Robert DeNiro
5. Saturday Night Live
6. Jerry Seinfeld
7. David Letterman
8. Jim Henson
9. John Lennon
10 Billy Joel

Woody Bradshaw: Here To Stay

If you like great music, great songwriting, great musicianship, and a little country mixed in with your rock and roll…with a big helping of romance thrown in for some spice, then you all need to check out my brother’s new CD:

Woody Bradshaw: Here To Stay

Yes, I know, it’s not Bette-related, but he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother (actually he DOES make my load wide and heavy, but I love him! 🙂 ) And I’m really proud of what he has accomplished… from the songwriting to the end product.

And I guess it is Bette-related, because he’s related to me and I’m Mister D!!! Indulge me, Indulge me!!! LOL

It’s available now on his site, www.woodybradshaw.com, complete with sound clips and purchasing information.

It will soon be on the major on-line stores such as Amazon and CD Baby, among others…so check it out!: Click Here

The Divine Miss AnneMarie

I also thought ya’ll might like to check out this tribute performer from Australia…yes, it’s a Bette Midler tribute!


This young lady has a traveling band AND a wheelchair. I thought it was fun…there are pics and audio clips with more to come I’m sure…

Save The Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Don’t forget about Bette’s annual Spring Gala…how could you???? If you can’t attend, still see if you can give…it’s for a great cause headed by a great lady, Bette Midler. And if you can’t give, send positve thoughts so that others will donate more!!!… 🙂 Hey, it may work!

Love, Mister D

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