Update for 08/29/2005: Bette, Bruce, New Music, New Polls, And More!

ArtWork: Sammy Miro

ArtWork: Sammy Miro

Well, as Bush goes down in his polls, Bootleg Betty’s are going back up! Slowly, but surely… 🙂

Okay-new music is up in the Bootleg Betty Jukebox and in Bootleg Betty Records – all Bette again. I will be going back to featuring the songwriters and other vocalists in the future for the BLB Records section. Hopefully, I can find some fun things.

I want to bring attention to some Bette Happenings:

Clean Up The World Weekend On Septemeber 16-18.

Click on the information in the red box at the top of the page to see if there is any way that you can participate!

Save The Date:

Hulaween, October 31, 2005 with special guest performer, Elton John! The honorees: Sting and Trudi Styler! And the celebration of Bette’s 60th Birthday (yes, it’s an early celebration). This is going to be some happening party except for the fact they I won’t be there this year. Yes, I’m sure that is a big disappointment to all the above and many more! 🙂 I tell you…the one year I can’t go and it’s THIS ONE!!!! Why Me, Lord???? Anyway, there will be plenty of BetteHeads going to keep us informed…I hope all of them have a fabulous time!

The Peggy Lee CD:

No new information, but the Peggy Lee message boards are burning up with talk about it. Oddly enough, none of the Bette boards are even pondering it….what gives with that??? Must be the younger crowd…do your homework! She was fabulous! Start by visiting the Official Peggy Lee Site

Bette To Roll The Dice In Las Vegas:

I can’t confirm or deny, but the story has legs…not like Tina Turner’s, but the story has legs….maybe Mister D ones…Toothpicks!

Bruce Vilanch:

Bruce Bids Adieu To Broadway Sunday, September 4th

Well, after 700 + performances in the smash musical, Hairspray, Mister V will take his final bow as Edna on Sunday, September 4, 2005.

If you haven’t seen his fabulously funny turn as Tracy Turnblad’s mom, now is the time to do it. He won raves in this role and rightly so. He took a part originated by the incredible Harvey Feinstein on Broadway and made it his own, bringing down the house in cities across the U.S. before hitting the The Great White Way last year. Bravo Bruce!!!

Bruce Vilanch stars in Almost Famous!

But have no fear, he’s bringing his hit one man show, an updated, Almost Famous to the Empire Plush Room in San Francisco from Nov. 8 -20, 2005 (tickets on sale now: click here for schedule) and The Annenberg Theatre In Palm Springs, February 4th, Tickets On Sale Sept 19th 2005. Tickets available through the Annenberg Box Office: 760-325-4490

Written and conceived by Vilanch, “Almost Famous” takes a peek at Bruce’s encounters with glamorous, ego-driven, pansexual denizens of Tinsel town!

Also check out We Got Bruce

The Bootleg Betty Summer Polls Results (Click Here For New Polls):

What Is Your Favorite Bette Midler Movie?

The Rose 28.3%
Beaches 27.3%
For the Boys 9.6%
Divine Madness 9.3%
First Wives Club 4.4%
That Old Feeling 3.9%
Big Business 3.3%
Gypsy 3.0%
Ruthless People 2.8%
Hocus Pocus 2.7%
Stella 1.9%
Isn’t She Great 1.1%
Outrageous Fortune 0.8%
The Stepford Wives 0.6%
Jinxed 0.5%
Scenes From a Mall 0.2%
Down and Out in Beverly Hills 0.2%
Drowning Mona 0.0%

What’s Your Favorite Bette Midler CD?

Live At Last 12.9%
The Divine Miss M 12.4%
No Frills 11.0%
Bathhouse Betty 9.5%
Experience The Divine 8.3%
Bette Midler 7.1%
Some Peoples Lives 4.8%
Bette 4.5%
Bette Of Roses 4.3%
Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook 4.1%
Thighs And Whispers 4.0%
Beaches 3.6%
The Rose 3.3%
Divine Madness 3.1%
Songs For The New Depression 2.2%
Broken Blossom 2.1%
Mud Will Be Flung Tonight 1.4%
For The Boys 0.9%
Gypsy 0.7%

Which Would Be Your Favorite Bette Midler Tour? (Real or Imaginary)

De Tour 18.0%
Kiss My Brass 16.7%
Clams on the Half Shell Revue 13.8%
Kiss My Brass Again 13.4%
Kiss My Brass Down Under 8.3%
Bette! Divine Madness 5.6%
The Continental Baths 5.3%
An Intimate Evening with Bette 5.3%
Experience The Divine 4.5%
The Divine Miss Millennium 2.5%
Bathhouse Betty Club Tour 1.5%
The Divine Miss M Tour 1.5%
The Depression Tour 1.5%
Experience The Divine Again 1.1%
1978 World Tour 0.9%
Cross Country Tour 0.2%

Which Is Your Favorite Bette Midler Special?

Overwhelmingly “Diva Las Vegas”
The Fabulous Bette Midler Show
Art or Bust
Ol’ Red Hair Is Back
Mondo Beyondo

That’s about all for now. Hope everyone had a fabulously Divine Summer!

Love, Mister D

PS: For those of you worrying about Terri’s ETD.com closing down and me just slowing down (which I am!), it’s my pleasure to announce that we have 2 major new Bette sites opening up soon.

I’ve seen one ahead of time…and it’s divine…the other I just know will kick ass, too, just from the chatter that I’ve heard and the design of the opening page. They make BLB look like a litter box! 🙂

Be on the lookout for both within the coming weeks. I’ll have them posted at the top of the page for your convenience.

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