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Mister D: The following comes from Mr. Letterman’s blog and it kinda summarizes what he and Ms. Midler talked about last night….altho you just can’t capture the energy and rapport they had going on by just reading this. I was hoping they would have the video up of her performance of “Fever” but so far it’s not there, yet. Anyway, she was really “0n” last night. Energetic interview and performance….you could tell she was having a good time (except for maybe when she ducked for cover when Dave sneezed!…LOL) It was also fun to hear her talk about Hocus Pocus and put those hideous teeth in from the movie. That was a treat. Plus the reference to Disney’s cheapness… 🙂 Well, you know they do play Hocus Pocus incessantly and she doesn’t see a dime! 🙂 All in all, a lot of fun:

From Mr. Letterman’s Blog (The Wahoo Gazette!)!

Bette has long been interested in keeping New York City neighborhoods and parks clean and safe. She is the founder of the New York Restoration Project and for more information, check the website:

From the site:

“Renowned entertainer Bette Midler founded the nonprofit New York Restoration Project (NYRP) in 1995 with the belief that clean and green neighborhoods are fundamental to the quality of life and that every community in New York City deserves an oasis of natural beauty. Modeled on the Central Park Conservancy and other successful public-private partnerships, NYRP partners with individuals, community-based groups, and public agencies to reclaim, restore, and develop under-resourced parks, community gardens, and open space in New York City, primarily in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

She hates the litter. Why is there so much litter in New York? She believes New Yorkers are so rushed and bogged down in frenzy that they just don’t see it anymore. If there is an empty bag on the sidewalk, people here walk right over it. Not Bette. She picks it up and throws it out. Dave thinks people believe, “It’s New York. What the heck does it matter?” But it matters to Bette and she does something about it. She doesn’t blame New Yorkers, though. She places the blames squarely on those from New Jersey and out-of-towners. And yes, many out there will take her seriously at the obvious joke. (Hey, any former members of the Johnny Horizon club? I was!)

She recently returned from Australia performing her “Kiss My Brass” tour. Upon arriving in Australia, customs asked, “Do you have a criminal record?” She answered, “Why, is that still a requirement?” Dave laughed, and appreciated her using up her Australian material. If you got it, you might as well use it. She has a new CD, produced by Barry Manilow, entitled, “Bette Midler Sings the Peggy Lee Songbook.” What does she sing tonight? Peggy Lee’s “Fever.” I’ll be giving the CD a long listen. I remember years ago seeing Peggy Lee perform “Is That All There Is?” and was impressed with her style and sound. I hope Bette’s CD captures the mood.

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