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Bette Makes Cover Of Newsweek Among Other Baby Boomers!

Ready Or Not Boomers Turn 60!

Yes, Bette’s on the cover of Newsweek along with a host of other famous people who are about to be facing their 60th birthday. They are the Baby Boomer Generation’s leading edge. Those on the cover are:

1. Tommy Lee Jones: Oscar-winning actor (“The Fugitive”) who also roomed with Al Gore at Harvard. Next: “A Prairie Home Companion.”

2. Donald Trump: The most famous real-estate developer in America, thanks in part to his reality TV show, “The Apprentice”

3. Ben Vereen: The quintessential song-and-dance man. He’s currently playing the wizard in the Broadway production of “Wicked.”

4. George W. Bush: The 43rd president

5. Sylvester Stallone: Wrote and starred in “Rocky.” Next film: “Rocky 6.”

6. Cher: Singer, actress and icon. Her farewell concert tour grossed more than $190 million.

7. Sally Field: Actress who went from boy-crazy “Gidget” to two Oscars

8. Candice Bergen: Actress who won five Emmys as pugnacious TV news anchor “Murphy Brown.” Currently on ABC’s “Boston Legal.”

9. Laura Bush: The First Lady

10. Barry Manilow: He sings the songs. At the Las Vegas Hilton through next year.

11. Connie Chung: The first (and only) female co-anchor of the “CBS Evening News”

12. Goldie Hawn: Turned “Laugh-In” into a career as one of the most successful “dumb blondes” in Hollywood

13. Bill Clinton: The 42nd president and the first born after World War II

14. Jann Wenner: In 1975, he borrowed $7,500 to launch Rolling Stone. Wenner now also owns US Weekly and Men’s Journal.

15. Diane Sawyer: The first female correspond-ent on “60 Minutes” and currently the host of ABC’s “Good Morning America”

16. Pat Sajak: Host of “Wheel of Fortune”

17. Susan Sarandon: Oscar-winning actress and passionate advocate of liberal causes

18. Diane Keaton: From “Annie Hall” to “Something’s Gotta Give,” Hollywood’s face of the modern woman

19. Suzanne Somers: Famous for her sitcom (“Three’s Company”) and her ThighMaster

20. Linda Ronstadt: Pop star equally at home with Mexican folk songs and big-band classics

21. Oliver Stone: Director and conspiracy theorist. His next movie tackles 9/11.

22. Al Green: An ordained minister, Green is also one of the great RB love-song crooners

23. Bette Midler: Famous for bawdy concerts and broadly comic acting. Her new CD is “The Peggy Lee Songbook.”

24. Dolly Parton: Part Tennessee mountain woman, part Vegas showgirl. Now on tour.

25. Liza Minnelli: One of a handful of performers to win an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony.

You can read some of the report about the Boomer Generation and/or hear it by Clicking Here It’s entitled , The Baby Boom: Suddenly 60 by Jerry Adler I don’t believe there are any direct references to Bette but it may provide a good insight into her/my generation (albeit, I’m on the outer edge of that generation, I suppose, melding into the Gen X or the slackers…I can’t remember…I’m a hodgepodge!) Other articles/auido of interest might be these 2: Albert Brooks: The Times They Are A-Changin’, and Live Talk: Jerry Adler on Baby Boomers.

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