Are Dance Mixes ForthComing From Miss M’s New Tribute CD?
Those In The Know Say “Yes!”

David Boy from The Divine OnLine was kind enough to drop me this Tid-Bette: There’s a lot of talk going on over at The DJ Rico Mix Show about some dance remixes being done for Bette’s new CD, ” Bette Midler Sings The Peggy Lee Songbook.” The first remix out of the frying pan (I don’t think that makes any sense, but I’m using it….I think I’m referring to my how my brain is cooked) seems to be “Fever” and it looks like we might have dueling DJ’s here…which is good…the more beats the merrier!

One version is by L.E.X. and the other is supposedly by Junior Vasquez! Not sure how many songs are intended to get the treatment, but I can think of several that could go over big time. And it’s about time, Miss M got a dance mix going on…whatever happened to “Hey Mambo”? That song begged for a dance mix, but I don’t recall ever hearing one….To stay abreast of the whole situation: Click Here

Anyway, a big thank you to David for this tip. While you’re at it, you have to check out his site and listen to his very own remixes that he has done for Miss M. I love them!!! So original, so sublime, so Divine!: Click Here

Love, Mister D

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