The “Fox News” Effect: The Dumbing Down Of America

Mister D: Not only is this such old, dated pooh-bah, it’s just moronic that someone took Ms. Midler’s words so seriously and out of context. There are other fabulous little tidbits in The Bull Cutter’s column…well, you can just see why our country is in such a calamitous state of affairs. Sad, funny, but more than this….just pathetic. I’ll post the link to the page…search out the email and write an intelligent, cohesive response in order to cut through the bull! :

The Sierra Times
News Nuggets
Ray “The Bull Cutter” Thomas
February 16th, 2006

BETTE MIDLER SAYS BUSH A DRUG ADDICT: Or was, anyway. In a recent show, she said Bush is a big fan of hers and his drug dealer got him some tickets to one of her shows many years ago. I’d like to see her produce some PROOF of that rather than her unsupported contention. .

Here’s the link to “The Bull”: Click Here

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