Did Bette See “BrokeBack Mountain”? You Bette!

Mister D: Sorry, I didn’t have my glasses on…vision kind of blurry, but hopefully this is the right poster! Loved the movie…my fave of the year!

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Holidays are over
Jan 4, 2006

Hollywoodians are returning from their usual holiday getaways — where they were together as usual in Hawaii and in Sun Valley.

At the Kahala, the regulars there included the Jeffrey Katzenbergs, Rick Yourn, Herb Alberts, Jeff Walds, the Garry Marshalls, Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton, Tommy Lee, Heather Thomas, Glenn Larson.

In Sun Valley, The Warren Cowans screened “Brokeback Mountain” at the Magic Lantern Theater for locals who were also spotted around town.

They included Bette Midler, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Martin Short, Sally Kellerman, Scott Glenn, Lois and Buzz Aldrin, Adam West, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy and Dick Riordan, Rhoda and Dan Glickman, the Rob Reiners, Jane Wooster Scott who also paints up there.

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