When It Comes To Pay, It’s Still A Man’s World!

March 2, 2006

Goldie Hawn complains that Paramount barely shrugged when she, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler offered their services for a sequel to their hit The First Wives Club.

Hawn tells the AARP magazine that the studio offered to consider the deal if the stars wouldn’t demand a raise.

“Now, if there were three men that came back to do a sequel, they would have paid them three times their salary at least,” Hawn says.

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Mister D: First the opinions I express are not necessarily those of Ms. Midler and she probably wishes I’d keep my mouth shut. But that’s what distinguishes me in some ways for better or worse – the risk of pissing my own hero off. 🙂 Anyway, here we have 2 fabulous ladies, Bette and Goldie (and one not pictured, Ms. Diane Keaton) who work their fingers to the bone to do their job of entertaining the masses compared to this putz of a president who is either too lazy or just doesn’t give a damn about doing his job of serving and protecting the american people to the best of his ability – this sucker doesn’t even try! (no, I don’t have respect for the man just because he is our president. Respect has to be earned. It is not a given. So far he has not done ONE thing to even warrant the first letter, “r”: Click Here Who are the people that still stand behind this administration as one lie after another is revealed. Kharma payback is gonna be a bitch – it’s gonna effect you, me, and some guy named Earl!….and you thought The First Wive’s Club was vengeful! LOL

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