Then She Found Me – Confirmed Or Not?

There has been a lot of speculation about Ms. Midler joining the cast of “Then She Found Me,” directed by Helen Hunt and starring Diane Keaton, Helen Hunt, and Woody Harrelson. The rumour came initially from Variety, I believe. And this is how it read:

Odyssey also confirmed that Bette Midler has joined the cast of the previously announced Then She Found Me, which co-stars Helen Hunt and Diane Keaton. That project, delayed from last year, is now in pre-production, with Hunt directing.

Being the cynic that I am…I never believe these things. Alot of times it’s to generate interest that someone may be attached to create a buzz. Fair enough. But it gets many of our hopes up and when it doesn’t happen..well what a divine downer that is.

Anyway, I got a little bit of news from Bette’s asst and she said verbatim: “There is talk of it but it is not confirmed yet.”

So what I do in these cases is lower my expectations, just like I’ve lowered them for men, theme parks, and our country under George Bush…I really don’t know how much lower I can go with the latter…I’m walking on my knees with my head to the sky now!!! But for all you handsome fellas that swing a certain way…I’m limber! 🙂

“Then She Found Me” was originally a novel written by Elinor Lipman an adapted for the screen, supposedly by Helen Hunt. On Ms. Lipman’s website she said she was very pleased with the screenplay. Check out her site: Click Here

For those interested in buying the paperback just in case here ya go:

Then She Found Me

Thanks to all those that alerted me to this. I’m really so overwhelmed at work I can barely get on here. Hope some of this info helps.

Love, Mister D

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