Leftovers And Tid-Bettes

Extra Bette Track?

David Boy wrote in to say he got the word from Sony Music that Target is selling the 12 track version of Cool Yule. What would said bonus track be? “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”

Who’s calling Babs, Bette, and Linda Ronstadt non-patriots?

Here we go again! It’s election time, so you dare not speak out!

And someone really needs to edit this woman’s column…her grammar is the pits!: Here’s her article.

Write her a letter if you like: Marie Jon’

Bette mentioned in “The Office?” Yes, I saw it…touch me!

The Office: Grief Counseling
The show kicks off with Michael entertaining everyone with his ability to act like he’s walking down stairs behind a bunch of paper boxes. He compares himself to Bette Midler in “For the Boys” (“gotta keep the troops entertained”). Of course, to keep up with the act, he almost kills himself crawling commando-style to the lunchroom to retrieve coffee.

And Sony????

Why isn’t Bette’s site updated properly? Such disrespect! People should write them…

Bruce Vilanch?

Bay Area Reporter
GLMA gala
By Cynthia Laird

In conjunction with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association’s conference, the group will hold its annual gala banquet Saturday, October 14 from 7 to 11 p.m. at Bistro Boudin at the Wharf, 160 Jefferson Street, second flood, in San Francisco. Tickets are $125 and proceeds support GLMA in its mission to ensure equality in healthcare for LGBT individuals and healthcare professionals.

“A Taste of San Francisco” marks GLMA’s 25th anniversary and will feature special entertainment and actor, writer, and comedian Bruce Vilanch.

Space is limited. To make a reservation, call (415) 255-4547, ext. 311 or visit www.glma.organd click on the conference icon.

And Mister D?

Yay!!! I’m playing 2 45 minute sets in Nashville at The Church Street Cafe, Saturday October 14th, 9:00 PM! And yes, I will be doing a couple of Bette numbers…go figure! Hope you all wish me to “break a leg!” On second thought…some of you ain’t so kind…so only the postive people wish me well… 🙂

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