Matthew Broderick On Being A Bad Husband In “Then She Found Me”

Nice guy gone bad?: Matthew Broderick reinvents himself for upcoming movie
Chicago Sun-Times | Date: November 26, 2006 | Author: Cindy Pearlman

Wait, let it be said that I’m a bad guy in a movie Helen Hunt just directed that comes out next year [“Then She Found Me”]. I play her husband and we get married at the beginning. Cut to six months later and I tell her that I can’t stand being married. I break up with her and then I keep sleeping with her. So, you can say I finally get to play a pretty awful person. Bette Midler plays her mother, and let’s just say she’s not too pleased with me either.

But in real life, I’m a great husband. Honestly.

I was asked the other day if I believe men should just give in and say their wife is always right. I was reading about all the women elected to Congress. I feel like they’re there to tell all these men who went crazy the past years to cool it now and the grown- ups are coming in to fix things. Honestly, I really do admire women.

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