Bette Midler Did Co Write Songs For “DollFace” Years Back:
Take A Look At Audition Notice

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The Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck

Synopsis: New Original Musical “Dollface” with songs by David Forman, Rob Hyman, Bette Midler and Johnny Gale and book by B.J. Sebring. ALL ROLES ARE OPEN. Please be prepared to sing (accompanist will be provided) and dance. Readings will be from the script. Roles include Dolores (Dollface), (30ish, an aspiring comedienne), Victor (30ish, a cigarette magician), Pearlstein (50-70, a jeweler), Shively (35-45, a shady club owner), Yummy & Impy (two goons, should have some gymnastic skills,) Penelope (25-35, Dolores’ friend, a seamstress), Mrs. Silberfarb (60+, Dolores’ neighbor), Boyle (35-50, a dirty cop), Nurse Grout (ageless) and various ensemble and small roles

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