Ya Knew It Was Coming: Can Bette Beat The Odds In Vegas

Mister D: There’s always going to be those that just have to compare apples to oranges. It just comes as natural as breath in the entertainment business. Believe me, the whole business is cut throat. So get ready for crap like this.

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Can Bette Midler Sustain Celine Dion’s Record In Vegas?
by Paul Cashmere – May 14 2007

Mister D: You can also watch the guy reporting on this on video. I can’t figure out if he’s trying to act cool, or just disquising himself.

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Bette Midler is going to take over Celine Dion’s three year run at the Colosseum in Las Vegas this year but some Vegas critics are questioning the idea.

Entertainment Reporter Mike Weatherford is skeptical that the Divine Miss M will have the same appeal, citing the superstar as being away from the spotlight for way too long and long past her hit making peak.

Bette will perform 100 shows a year, 5 nights a week for 20 weeks from February 20, 2008.

Weatherford calls Midler “a singer whose Top 40 currency has expired”.

He says that Dion’s audience was rarely younger than 40 which could work in favour of the 61 year old Midler. However, her audience is mostly gay men.

Her last two albums had a lukewarm reception and her TV show was a flop.

Weatherford suggests Bette in Vegas is a risk, although Barry Manilow, her former musical director who captures pretty much the same audience, has been in residency at The Hilton in Vegas for more than a year.

Bette Midler’s last tour across the USA grossed an average of more than $1million per night.

Celine Dion will finish up at The Colosseum on December 15.

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