NYRP Raises Over $1,000,000.00 At Annual Spring Picnic

Mister D: Originally, I had Bette’s organization as raising 1 billion dollars. Well that may be even a little too much for our own Divine Miss M to raise. of course, the amount was 1 million dollars! Thank you Brian from www.bettelyrics.com

New York Daily News

Bette Midler showed off fellow celeb auctioneer Marcia Gay Harden at Thursday’s picnic for the New York Restoration Project in Swindler Cover Park, which raised over ­$1 million for the environmental organization.

Midler later kicked up her heels in the post-supper show with kids from the American Ballroom Theater’s Youth Dance Company. “I like dancing with these kids because they’re my height,” she said to artist Jeffery Dread, who was among those who donated work to the ongoing online auction at charitybuzz.com.

Love, Mister D

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