The Divine Green Earth

The Divine Green Earth
by Anthony Miro

Save our Earth And Keep It Green
Follow Bette’s Lead, Pick Up, Be Clean

Our Children’s Future Is In Our Hands
Don’t Pollute The Air, The Water, The Lands

Restore Our Parks, Our Highways, And Streets
Get A Broom Or A Shovel, Get Out Of Your Seats

We Must All Pitch In Before It’s Too Late
Before Earth Becomes A Place We All Hate

Plant A Tree And A Bush, A Flower Or Two
Keep Our Oceans And Skies A Beautiful Blue

Take Midler’s Advise And Preserve Our Home
It Will Take Some Work, She Can’t Do It Alone

Let’s Start Right Now, It’s Important, Don’t Wait
It’s Us And Bette And We’ll Make It All Great

The Divine Miss Midler Will Show Us The Way
To A Better, Healthier, More Beautiful Day

written by: Anthony
sent by: Tom Miro
artwork: Tom Miro

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