Jamie McKnight And “Teens 4 Good” Plant Seeds Of Change For Growth In Philadelphia

Mister D: I’ve know Jamie for a long time through our love and admiration for Bette Midler. Even before the term “BetteHeads” was coined…(I know, we’re dinosaurs…whatever, ya little punks!) Back to Bette – We admired her not just for her humongous, unique talent, but for her charity work…especially her establishment of the New York Restoration Project and the incredulous job they have done in beautifying New York community gardens and parks. Visit their site to see the remarkable work they have done.

Well, Jamie, unlike myself, has put shovel to dirt following in Ms. M’s footsteps to help clean up the Philly area and believe me it takes hard work! But she has worked so hard and it is finally paying off. This is her job now and she is doing what she loves. Of course you know, it always takes a village…so she and a group of resourceful and inspriring teens made the local news the other day/night. So you see they are making an impression and a great one at that.

So I take off my hat to Jamie. I literally have not touched dirt since I was a kid. For some reason I just start screaming and run back into the house. Heat, dirt, and work are comparable to garlic and cross to Dracula. That’s why I decided to promote all things Bette on a web-zine. So in one way or another, we are paying our respects.

Anyway, I’m really proud of Jamie and think she and the teens deserve a big round of applause. Click the links below to see the news clip (video) and the link to the organization:

CBS Video Clip: http://cbs3.com/video/?id=42009@kyw.dayport.com

The Organization: Journey Home Community Enrichment Center

Teen Network: Teens 4 Good

Miss Bette’s Organization: NYRP

Love, Mister D

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