Non-Bette Related: Message From Me Brother, Woody

Hello BetteHeads,

So sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard from me. However, the last six months has been quite the whirlwind since I signed a record deal! I’ve been radio touring and playing some concert and fair dates and it looks like a 50 city tour is about to be lined up for my label mates and myself! My first single “The Last Thing You Do” has made some major waves in the industry and Clear Channel has named me one of the top ten new artists to watch out for…Very exciting stuff!

If you click the link below you can also watch my video 🙂 Please take a look and read below as well. I hope to see all of you soon. Come and introduce yourself!

God Bless, Woody

Check out this link:

I’m on the front page of “NEW.” It’s a good time to get the “Woody-Army” locked and loaded and punching in as much as possible to get the “Plays” up. I’m currently 15th on the Top 20. With Enough Enthusiastic Fans I might get into the Top 10 🙂 Hope you can help me out!

PS: Take care of my sweet, little, younger brother, Mister D 🙂

Please pass this on to your mailing list…Let’s get my brother on TOP!!!

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