Update: July 7, 2007 – Happy Belated Birthday BaltoBoy, Hulaween Tip, Clip Info, Bette Climbed A Bridge, Bruce Vilanch, My Brother Woody, Mister D Needs FeedBack

Mister D: First off, a belated Happy Birthday to my friend in the land of the crabs, Baltimore,…BaltoBoy Steve (Steve Weiner) A Hug and a kiss your way. Thank you for all the beautiful artwork you’ve done over the years and sharing with me and the BetteHeads. I need to make a better page to get all your works up. For the life of me, I had an alert and then just forgot about it…LOL So sorry…

Mister D: Thanks to Brian P for the Hulaween information
Hulaween 2007 with Bette Midler
Waldorf Astoria Hotel 10/31

Join Bette Midler as she celebrates Halloween at this Hawaiian themed “Hulaween” costume party. Join us for an unforgettable evening of entertainment with Bette Midler & celebrity friends. Exclusive to Card members, autographed Bette Midler CD. All ticket proceeds will be donated to New York Restoration Project.
620 to $6200 per person; price pending on table location
To order: kdougherty@nyrp.org

Mister D: This info came from Jeff D about the “Favorite Waste Of Time” video. What concerns me is that I saw the special a long time ago yet had no memory of that video…So thank you Jeff for rattling my brain

The clip of Bette Midler singing “Favorite Waste of Time” is from a half-hour Cinemax special that aired about the same time as Art or Bust. It featured an interview with her and this video clip. Hope that helps!

Mister D: Congratulations to Bruce Vilanch for landing a role in the new gay-themed movie, “Tru Loved,” with co-star,the fabulous Jane Lynch (40 Year Old Virgin, Best In Show) See the cast, crew and press releases by clicking on this link: Tru Loved Also check out my site devoted to Bruce here: We Got Bruce

Bette climbed the Harbour Bridge in Sydney During KMB Tour … thanks for this tip Sara (The Divine Dutchies) and her boyfriend, Henk! They also have a little pic or 2 to share

Hey Don,

Just a short message from me from Australia. Been on vacation now for 5 weeks. Happy belated birthday, hope you had fun! (Mister D: I did Miss Sara, thank you!) I finally have some steady (free) internet, so I can finally mail you this (besides the b-day wishes).
Henk, my brother Sjoerd and his girlfriend Roxana climbed the Harbour Bridge in Sydney a couple of weeks ago (My mother and me were chickens). But what did I see in the main hall? There was a wall of fame, and my eye was drawn…. Bette’s sure got guts!
Hope all is well. Love, Sara

My Brother Woody Hits Top 10 on Clear Channel- Need Your Help To Get Him to #1On a non-Bette related note, thanks to those who helped my brother Woody hit the Top Ten on Clear Channel for breaking new artists . If you don’t mind…in your spare time click on his song and play it. There’s also a video that goes with the song, too. Head to:http://www.wsix.com/cc-common/new/6/indexcountry.htmlto vote for Woody’s single “The Last Thing You Do.”Scroll down the Top 20 on the right side of the screen and click Woody’s name to play the song. The more you play the song on the site- the more they play it on the radio! Make sure to request “The Last Thing You Do” on your local station, too! He’s on your radio, on CMT. com, and on VH1.com!I just want to thank you BetteHeads for all of your support!

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  1. Cris: We’ll talk later. Thank you for always being a loyal BLB reader and more than that….a friend.

    Baby Divine – I will never forget you. I still have a couple of lyrics you sent me that I never put music too. Plus you were (are) still funny. Take care and thanks for taking the time to say…YOU LOVE ME!!!!

    Mister D

    PS: Cris – she climbed some kind of giant tower…or something like that…whatever it was, she did a great job and showed balls…

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