Okay, Okay: The Trees Story!

Mister D: I have gotten so much email about this story…I guess people just thought it passed me by, but it didn’t. The way the news is treating it, you’d think Bette was cutting down trees left and right that were alive and talking…just losing it as if possessed like some serial tree killer. I can just envisualize the trees screaming and blowing pollen back her way.

Her reasonings were simple…it was her property…and she paid millions to preserve this property for Hawaii…never intending to build a home on it or the like. However, the press just loves to run a negative story when good people seem to falter in their eyes. I have to admit, most were fair and objective that I read, but some had some really titillating and mean headlines I presume to get people’s attention. Many of those came from bloggers, however, to make themselves seem like real provacotive journalists.

From what I gather, she wanted to keep the property filled with trees and plants indigenous to the state of Hawaii. But according to Hawaii rule…ya can’t just go around chopping down trees at your pleasure. You have to ask permission (even though it was her land). I think “permission” is the key word here. The bottom line is Bette did not do any of this with malice…she honestly made a mistake and didn’t put up a fight when told she broke certain rules and that there would be a fine. She has promptly paid it. The trees will be replaced with Hawaiian tree and plant species.

I would just pick out the mean and nasty ones to respond to, if you like. Most of these will be conservative bloggers who just love stories like this. I’d watch out for the salacious conservative radio hosts as well. You know who I mean…Rush LimpDick…

Love, Mister D

PS: Thanks Wendy, Bri, Christina, and some others who kept me true to myself. I should have printed something about it.

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