The Bette Scrapbook….

I think I have it where you can upload your own stuff to the gallery. I’m not sure, just playing around…but if you want to try it please do. I think all user files will appear after my Special Events section at the bottom. We’ll just see how this works or if anyone is interested…there is registration involved…I know…YUK!!!!

Love, Mister D

For scrapbook: Click Here

And BTW I am still adding photos and sorting, giving titles, descriptions, and credits for photogs when I can find them. So keep checking back….


Love, Mister D

PS: And for my own sanity start rating photos…they won’t show up until there are 2 votes for each photo. i love seeing what ya’ll pick…

If you give it 0 stars click on the stars to the left….for 5 stars…click on the stars on the right. In between, you can figure out…LOL

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